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Request a Concealed Carry Permit or Process Serving

Calhoun County Sheriff's Department has applications for a concealed carry permit in Grantsville, West Virginia. You can also have us act as a process server, delivering subpoenas to those who are being sued in a court of law. We also provide fingerprinting and house arrest bracelets.

Concealed Carry Permits

You can find concealed carry applications at our office. The application fee for the concealed carry permit is $105, and each applicant must have their driver's license along with proof of taking the proper concealed weapons class.

Once filled out, the process takes about 45 days to mail out your permit. If your application is denied, your application fee will be mailed back to you within the 45-day timeframe. All permits are good for up to 5 years, and after those 5 years, the permit can easily be renewed.

Service of Process

If you are in the process of suing someone for any reason, we make sure the other party is served properly. Our process server will acquire all of the necessary documentation ordering the other party to court, and we have an excellent record of finding people who are trying to avoid being served. All we need is the person's name, their physical address, and $25.