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Convenient Fingerprinting & House Arrest Monitoring

Not only does the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department provide fingerprinting in Grantsville, West Virginia. We also provide an affordable house arrest bracelet to those who have been sentenced to home confinement. You can also have us serve individuals who are subpoenaed.

Confidential Fingerprinting

Our fingerprinting services are most often provided for anyone who is trying to get a new job and must be fingerprinted for their background check. Generally, people have to come in and get fingerprinted each time they apply for a new job that requires it, since we do not keep a copy of your fingerprints on file. We will provide you with the actual sheet with your prints upon receiving your payment. Our fast fingerprinting only costs you $5 each time.

Preparing for Home Confinement

Instead of going to jail for a small crime, many prefer the home confinement option when offered by the judge. If you are taking the option of house arrest instead of jail time, you need a small monitoring bracelet that attaches to your ankle. The ankle bracelet monitors where you are at all times to ensure you only leave your house to go to work and your place of worship. The monitor bracelet costs $10 per day and requires a $40 initial hookup charge.